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Change Starts At Home


A positive of this current situation is that it’s given us time to think; a moment to stop and reflect on what we have been eating and who we have been supporting over the years. From the small business owner who runs a local farm, to that little restaurant you frequently visit – now is the time they need you the most. Shopping local isn’t a trend, its an important way to support local economies while ensuring the freshest ingredients.

This is an invitation for you to step out of your ‘New Normal” routine. We live in South Florida, instead of forming lines outside supermarkets surrounded by people, drive a little further and purchase just-harvested produce directly from your local farmer. In these unprecedented times, Change starts and stays at home.

Farms & Farmers

Harpe Family Farm 2781 SW 36 th St, Davie Website Instagram
Earth Ling farmer Redland, FL Website Instagram
Zone 10 Farmer Redland, FL Website Instagram
Bee Heaven Farm Redland, FL Website Instagram
Boxgreens 400 NE 67 th ST, Miami Website Instagram
Rancho Patel Ghee, Downtown Dadeland Website
Knausberry Fram 15980 SW 248 th St, Homestead Website Instagram
Gratitute Garden Farm 1940 N 30 th Rd #047, Hollywood Website Instagram
Fruit & Cahoots 10900 SW 48th St, Davie Website Instagram
Three Amigos Growers 10900 SW 48th St, Davie Website Instagram
Little River Coopreative 771 NW 24 th St, Miami Website Instagram
French Farms (Little River Coopreative) Website Instagram
Michael Borek Farms 19101 SW 147 Ave Miami Website Instagram
LNB GROVES 13591 SW 135 th Ave, Miami Website Instagram
Teena´s Pride Produce 19101 SW 147 Ave Miami Website Instagram
Tiny Farm Homestead, Fl Website Instagram